Thursday, September 20, 2007

someone left the cake out in the rain...

Having recently received my pledge premium (the spotty "Children of Nuggets" compilation) and the Summer '07 Program Guide (just in time for fall!), I noticed the birthday cake celebrating WRUW's 40th birthday decorated with a 45 disc claiming, "We're 40... not Top 40." What IS this Top 40? (I know, if I recognize a 45 rpm, I must be familiar with the concept that was Top 40.)
On our local PBS outlet, I recently viewed a documentary on the history of The Big 8 -- CKLW (the Motor City.) It was pledge drive time AGAIN, when PBS serves up nostalgia for its core viewers. I was formed, informed, and influenced by growing up on that powerful 50,000 watts of rock steady signal pounding out of Windsor/Detroit in the late 60's and 70's. However, I think that it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to re-create that feeling & sound in a film documentary. The profound and fundamental differences in the mediums makes radio elusive -- clearly television and film are not just "radio with pictures." I actually find listening to the old airchecks to be more evocative than the reminisces and "re-creations" and testimonials. Check it out.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Devil's Advocate

"C-Pop (that's with one "o", right?)-- I DO fancy myself a bit of the class clown/general jester, but I doubt you would be so quick with the "clever" nicknames if we were to be discussing these issues in person, face to face, say at Istria. Surely that is one of the true pleasures of anonymity on the internet.

Although I actually agree with much of the POV expressed here, I also enjoy playing Devil's Advocate (which, by the way, does not automatically align me with the HP Establishment.) In fact, I have long been amused, bemused, and annoyed by the neighborhood's political culture. Nevertheless, I am not prepared to swallow the Kool-Aid you are selling. Your inclination to go ad hominem somewhat undermines the credibility of your arguments."
-- Curtsy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

tired spire expired

"I believe the Unitarian Church's decision to not continue to allocate funds to the preservation of its steeple (which, as I recall, was not a part of its original design) was a rational decision based on their core mission as a church community. I too loved the view of that spire as I walked west along 57th Street. However, I highly doubt that the long-term cost of maintaining the supplemental spire could have been supported by local donations. How much would YOU pay yearly for the pleasure of its presence?" --

Sunday, September 09, 2007

the Devil and Daniel Burnham

"Perhaps (recognizing the Devil that the Burnham Plan is) the Point Savers' point is not to bring the Promontory closer to Caldwell's vision but back to its pre-landfill condition!" -- Curtsy comments @

Friday, September 07, 2007

cunning linguists

"Here, here! I, for one, am glad that my eyes are no longer assaulted by that musty and tarnished symbol of staid stability that was the "vintage" Hyde Park Bank clock. I can't wait until it is replaced by a vinyl banner ad for new condos at 53rd & Cornell and on 53rd across from Nichols park! I'm only slightly disappointed that the proposed 8-story "skyscrapper" at X-mas Tree Crossing won't cast a dark and dramatic shadow on the Murray School playlot. It would offer needed protection from melanoma to the cunning little linguists."-- Curtsy comments @