Friday, August 31, 2007

Hide Park Progress


"community activist" -- whiny pinko Communard

"Harper Court" -- failed 60's Utopianism

"the 1960's" -- failed Utopianism

"Lakefront Taskforce of Hyde Park" -- mythical Committee of One (also see under "SharonJoyless Jackson)

"Committe of One" -- One Ms. Jill White (also One Ms. Joyless Jackson)

"NIMBY" -- Not In My BackYard (That's where my garage sits! But I'll criticize HANS for wanting to park his car on the street where he lives.) No Bolshevik bar-b-ques allowed!

"gritty, urban neighborhood" -- 56th & Kenwood (in the Golden Rectangle, where the Fairy Castle stands just down the block from the cul-de-sac where the Bixler Playlot and Ray School Commons lie -- say, a GREAT location for mixed-use retail/residential development! Say, while we're at it, the Midway is just ripe for strip mall development! And we could mitigate at least some of the parking congestion in East Hyde Park by PAVING the POINT!!)

"feisty folks at HPP" -- True Believers in the First Church of the Free and Unfettered Market

"ideological chimera" -- exotic Kool-Aid flavor favored at GSB

"47th Street Co-Op" -- Hyde Park's Maltese Falcon/albatross that represents unfilled dreams and fantasies of monopoly (in the case of the Co-Op) AND of a national big box retailer (in the minds of underserved consumers)

"Diane von Rudofsky" -- suspect Bolshevik and would-be tasered swimmer who plans on swimming at the Point for 100 years

"curtsy" -- manque` writer for The Onion and equal-opportunity lampooner