Wednesday, June 14, 2006

dancing on the rim

Pulled from my comments at Gapersblock regarding closed venues...

curtsy (June 14, 2006 11:55 AM) said:
The Del Morroco (at the NW corner of Lake & Halsted) with the dancing couple balancing on the rim of a cocktail glass was the reddest room imaginable.

At the old Greyhound station (NE corner of Clark and Randolph) tucked away behind the escalator, the Loop's cheapest beer could be quietly enjoyed among fellow travelers.

Ronnie's Steakhouse WAS NOT across the street from the Woods Theatre. Ronnie's (near State) was a block east of the Woods (near Dearborn), both were on the north side of Randolph.

The West End was fine little joint in its day, but BEST ROCK CLUB IN AMERICA?? Nostalgia does fog the mind.

I'm a little surprised that no one referenced Batteries Not Included on Clybourn (before the over-nite gentrification/transformation of that strip.) I recall the Chesterfield Kings and Precious Wax Drippings on stage.

Yes, the Oak Theatre, where I once saw Todd Rundgren perform (which was a trip in the wayback machine in itself) and where I spun vinyl at an Art Institute Halloween party that the Flying Luttenbachers played.

What of Lower Links? I recall Algebra Suicide and Eugene Chadbourne on the stage there. I also played dj there on an infamous August evening back in '91 when my girlfriend, who was starring in her first solo cabaret performance, dumped my sorry ass.

Where is the Bluebird?? And Sharon's Hillbilly Heaven??

How did he know?!

Culled from unsolicited comments to my last post...

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