Friday, October 14, 2005

I'll cut (and paste) you

Consider the (open) source, a flowing stream of couscous,er, consciousness that results in a collective of mix-tapes that can be discovered at the following locations, if you dig.

1. Warm Leatherette/Under My Skin -- Look inside the stone wall on Pitney Ct. at Archer Ave.
2. Final Day Solution/Don't Fear the Reaper, Frankenstein -- Hidden inches above the sidewalk on Damen at 1958 W. Grand.
3. Little Girl Lies and Other Truths -- Lurking at 1840 W. Chicago beneath the lonely bird's silhouette.

While on the prowl this week, I discovered that Zorba's, the 24-hour Greek diner shrine at the SE corner of Jackson & Halsted, was closed. I almost always ordered the spanikopita dinner, which was a great value. The spinach pie came with a bowl of soup, a generous pile of rice pilaf or Greek garlic fries (which I preferred), a large Greek salad, and dessert (rice pudding, please!) All of this for $6 plus tip.

Across the street at the New Jackson Hotel, I noticed that on the southwest corner of the second floor Pat's Barber Shop appearred to be gone. Pat was my regular barber for years and must have been the oldest working barber in the city of Chicago. Pat was somewhere around 90 years old. I deeply dug the ambience of his shop. Before he moved upstairs he had had a beautiful, vintage street-level shop down on Halsted. However, his shop and the hard-times bar next door were gutted, and a nightclub was built out of their space. I will always remember how the sun would shine through his windows, with southern and western exposures, in the late afternoons while listening to real music on Pat's vintage AM radio. There were tasteful pin-ups, the inevitable Rat Pack pics, and you could always count on Pat to talk about "those crooks" (also known as public officials) and the Working Man. Once Pat told me of how he was cheated out of his retirement by some corrupt union officials who had helped themselves to the pension fund.
Although the copy on the page above leaves something to be desired, the painting really does capture the noir element of the New Jackson and, God damn, it's Pat in the window!

Below is a link and an entry to Johannes' travel diary from his US trip in 1997. Notice how many times he eats at Mickey D's.
Tuesday July 8 Chicago -
Had breakfast at a genuine american breakfast-joint. Johannes was addressed as "honey" by the waitress. The pancakes tasted like paper. A park policeman told Emil not to skate on the parkbenches. Checked in at the New Jackson Hotel. Est. 1898. The floor sloped and there were bloodstains on the sheet. Antique TV-set. Ate at Mc DonaldĀ“s. Had a few beers at a sportsbar. Johannes got free beers from the bartendergirl. Went home 9 pm.

Sunday August 3 SF -
Ate at an italian restaurant where they had a pepper-boy "Wanta di pepper?". Went to SF. Looked at sealions. Saw Alcatraz from a distance. Walked around in the Palace Of Fine Arts. Nice.