Thursday, September 08, 2005

Excavate, you dig?

Pulling on a past thread on the resurgence of the mix-tape, dig this local community project of sharing mixes via discreet public spaces.
"leaving found audio, mix tapes, loops, sound projects and other recordings in... an alienating environment that is often tuned out by the senses"

For your own copy of Ladies Room/ I Dig Chicks, visit Pitney Ct. in Bridgeport on the southwest corner of Archer. Side A kicks off with The Monkees riffing on the Rolling Stones with Valerie, followed by Bobby Sherman with another tiger beat, Julie, Do Ya Love Me? The flipside opens with Sammy Davis, Jr. covering There is Nothing Like a Dame from South Pacific. The sole copy of this original mix can be found inside a hole in the stone & brick wall along the west side of Pitney, approximately 7' south of the corner. See the following link for photo & map info.