Saturday, July 02, 2005

crawling along Montrose

In compliance with my 44th birthday, Ricky & I performed our annual pub crawl. In past years we have cruised US 41 and Routes 42 and 43. However, this year we found no highway 44 in the immediate metro area, so we crawled Montrose Avenue (4400 N) instead.

We started at O’Lanagan’s (2335 W. Montrose) where we were greeted with a happy patron roaring, “Like I’m a hillbilly!” to her drinking buddy. We also learned from a local that the U.S. Supreme Court was responsible for more “freaking” problems in this country and that Homeland Security was too busy screwing with some poor Paddy instead of protecting our borders. Dining note – after 5 pm O’Lanagan’s offers Uncle Ben’s Bowls ® in two flavors – Spicy Beef & Broccoli and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo for $5.

Next stop was the Montrose Saloon (2933 W. Montrose) which is the home of a lively bluegrass scene and the Human Sexual Response on the jukebox. It is a vintage tavern with a well-cared for tin ceiling and an unusually large area dedicated to behind the bar.

At 3056 W. Montrose the tip top and tidiest of tap rooms, the Peacock, operates on the northeast corner of Albany. I’d recommend ordering a Lowenbrau.

After fish & chips & pints at Hops & Barley (4359 N. Milwaukee), we made our fifth and final stop at the mysterious Algiers Drive-In (Flo’s Place.) My demeanor was evidently deteriorating as Flo subtly explained that the Zywiec we were drinking was a bigger bottle and with higher alcohol content than your beer garden variety domestic brew. I suspected she was suggesting that I had had enough to drink. And I had.


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